Tips For Bike Maintenance

Bike Maintenance.

If you’re a sports bike owner its good to be i a position to do your own sports bike maintenance, as it will add to your joy of riding and save you money.

If you feel confident in the knowledge that you can fix any breakdowns when you’re out you can happily go further, for longer, although you’ll have a little probability breakdown if you’ve been maintaining your bike well.

Doing your own sports bike(elsykkel) maintenance will save you money because you won’t need to pay for a mechanic’s services to maintain it for you and parts will last longer and need replacing less frequently.

The first important thing to do if you’re going to doing your own maintenance is to get yourself the right basic tools. Over time you’ll probably get more specialist tools as you’ll learn more about your bike and its parts.

It’s important to remember to also carry a tool kit with when you ride. You can get compact tool kits to take with you that are smaller and easier to carry than the tools you’ll use at home. It’s very important to remember to try all your tools at home before you take them out.

Another vitally important thing in basic sports bike maintenance, before you even think about getting some tools, is to keep your bike(landeveissykkel) clean.

Get into the habit of cleaning your bike(sykkel) after every ride, either by wiping it down or washing it with a bucket of hot water and soap. Make sure you rinse it or wipe it down afterwards, and this will prevent any dirt getting into places it shouldn’t get into.

The next step in basic sports bike(birk) maintenance includes occasionally lubricating the chain. This is essential to keep it functioning properly, and there are lots of good lubricants available. Get into the habit of applying any lubricant the night before you ride so that it works into the chain properly.

Another step in basic maintenance is to check the air pressure in the tyres. Checking this regularly will protect them and give you a comfortable ride. You also need to change the tyres now and again and be sure you know how a puncture is repaired.

Other items to check on a regular basis are brake and gear cables, which stretch over time and therefore can become ineffective. You should replace them every 6 – 9 months but the exact time depends on how often you ride your bike.

The next important maintenance task is to regularly check your brake pads as they wear out and are of course a necessary safety feature. You should also check the alignment of the brake pad against the wheel. They should rest squarely on the wheel rim when the brakes are on, but free of the sidewall when they’re not applied.

Finally, check all nuts and bolts on your bike in your regular maintenance routine and use an Allen key or a spanner to tighten any loose bolts you find.

Even with regular maintenance breakdowns will happen, even to the best bikes and most experienced riders. It is just part and parcel of sports bike riding, but it’s better to be in a position to fix breakdowns or prevent them whenever possible through regular maintenance checks.

Be proactive in your approach to sports bike maintenance and look after your bike. Remember maintenance is usually better and cheaper than repair and armed with a little knowledge you can ride harder for longer.